GRN-Meeting with CODECHECK

Today we had a very exciting exchange with Daniel Nüst from CODECHECK, located at the TU Dresden, Germany, organized by the German Reproducibility Network (GRN). CODECHECK supports code checkers who independently evaluate the authors’ code and execution of computations underlying scientific papers by providing them with a workflow, guidelines, and tools. Code checkers do not work in the sense of simply judging the code but interact with authors to help improve the quality, transparency, and analytical reproducibility of published findings. In fact, most of the researchers writing code today come from very different fields and are not formally trained programmers. They more or less develop their skill set while conducting their research. Daniel stresses a friendly, empathic interaction to develop solutions for increased analytical reproducibility together with authors embracing this diversity of skills and quality of published code. Check out his paper on CODECHECK and his page at the TU Dresden.

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