“Replacing academic journals”

Dear colleagues, dear students, 
we would like to invite you to a talk on March 8 at 9 am by Prof. Björn Brembs (University of Regensburg) on “Replacing academic journals”

Björn Brembs is a neurobiologist and Professor of Neurogenetics in the Institute of Zoology at Regensburg University. In his laboratory, he studies how brains initiate behavior without instructions from the environment and how subsequent experiences shape future behavior. For this work, he analyzes the spontaneous decisions of experimental animals such as the fruit fly Drosophila and other invertebrate species, both with and without genetic manipulations. In addition, he is a critic of the academic journal publishing system and has started the initiative „Stop Tracking Science“ (https://stoptrackingscience.eu)….

The talk will be held in English and will take place in WebEx. Just email us if you are interested!

We look forward to seeing you!
Open Science Initiative Lübeck

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