Open Science Initiative Lübeck

Making science open, transparent and reproducible

On this page we will inform you about Open Science in Lübeck and worldwide, point to new developments, reading materials, and will advertise our own and other’s events



Publicly funded research should be published in a way that is accessible for everyone, for free.


Research over the last years has shown that undisclosed flexibility in study design and data analysis can greatly influence results and distort interpretations of hypotheses.


Academia is not just a loose connection of individual researchers but a system which governs interactions between its members.


We are a “grassroot movement” from within Lübeck University.

Here you can find materials or presentations of the Open Science Initiative Lübeck.

To foster Open Science Practices

Organizations have been formed at universities around the world to support institutions and their staff in making science more reproducible and sustainable. In Germany, these include the Network of Open Science Initiatives (NOSI) and the German Reproducibility Network (GRN), of which the Open Science Initiative Lübeck is now a member.

Join the Open Science Initiative

If you are interested in Open Science, just email us! We are open to interested people from all levels (students, PhDs, postdocs, professors) and backgrounds at the University Lübeck.  

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